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Experience TED, Your Essential Tool for Contemporary Team Leadership and Amplified Transparency.

Time Sheets
Reuse previous activities and add Expense receipts with Drag&Drop.
Time Sheets
Simple Time Stamp for real time activity tracking.
Time Sheets
Remaining Time, Team Skills and Health Analysis in real time.
Time Sheets
Coming Soon: Zapier Integration, Smartphone App, and more...

​Tracking with Benefits

Curious about how to boost your team's productivity and well-being

TED revolutionises project management by integrating time tracking with skill assessment and health monitoring.

Discover the benefits of tracking your team's time on tasks: 

From optimising task allocation and team composition to identifying bottlenecks and budget consumption, it's the key to unlocking efficiency and staying ahead of deadlines.

But that's not all! By tracking skills automatically alongside time, you'll uncover hidden talents, bridge skill gaps, and propel your team towards success like never before.

And let's not forget about health. Our innovative solution goes beyond traditional time tracking to ensure your team's well-being. Identify burnout risks, promote work-life balance, and create a culture of care within your organisation.

In the end you increase motivation and reduce staff turnover with a single solution.


 Reduce the workload of managers while increasing everyone's productivity!